HEJ SOLEIL is an amber jewelry atelier with simple and timeless designs inspired by the beauty of the ocean. Each necklace, bracelet and anklet is unique and handcrafted with the utmost care and is always available for adults and children. We combine high-quality materials into treasures with character.

We prefer to work with natural elements such as pearls in a slightly irregular shape, so the length, color and shape can always vary slightly from the illustrations. Because each of the pearls used looks different and this gives our jewelery the desired look: playful, lively and unique.

Mindfulness and sustainability play an important role for us in jewelry production. We manufacture sustainable jewelry, not disposable goods made of plastic but from natural materials. We also focus on environmental friendliness when it comes to packaging and use gift boxes made of eco-paper.

The Baltic amber we use has a high content of succinic acid, which is released when worn on the skin. We obtain our amber beads from a manufacturer in Lithuania certified by the International Amber Association and randomly check the authenticity of the amber in a German laboratory.

Each piece of jewelry can be repaired or extended in our workshop.